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$28/pax, minimum 4 pax for booking

Whatsapp 96612387 to book a session


Unleash Your Creativity with Custom Candles! 🕯️

Are you dreaming of having a candle that's truly unique? Your dream can become a reality at our candle crafting workshop. Join us and become a candle artist, creating your very own candle masterpieces.


✅ Choose Your Candle Base Molds: We offer a variety of distinctive molds for you to select from, allowing your candles to stand out.


✅ 100-200g of Wax Material: You'll receive ample wax material, ensuring your creative ideas have no limits.


✅ Custom Dyes and Fragrances: Pick from an extensive range of dyes and fragrances to personalize the color and aroma of your candles.


🎨 Create candles that are uniquely yours, craft heartfelt gifts, or add a touch of coziness to your home decor. Whether you're a novice or an experienced candle artisan, we welcome your participation!


🕯️ Embark on your candle crafting journey, experience the joy of limitless creativity. Reserve your workshop experience today and let's illuminate our world, one candle at a time.


For any questions and reservations, please Whatsapp 96612387.

Candle Art Workshop

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