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Corporate Art Jam


Corporate Team Bonding Sessions, Client Appreciation,
Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Parties

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We do corporate events, team bonding sessions, birthday parties, client workshops and bachelorette parties.

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We provide a variety of art jamming services to all groups

Tote Bag Art Jam

Looking for a fun activity to do for your team bonding session? Look no further! We provide a wide range of art activities, from canvas art jamming to fluid bear art and even mosaic art.

Want to host the event at your location? We Also provide external services at an additional $100.

T-Shirt Art Jam

For children who love painting and making art, we also host birthday parties! Let the little ones create a unique piece to take home. And add in extra fun with our birthday party decoration (+$100) and goodie bags (+$3/pax) to take home!

Fluid Bear Art

Group Art Jamming

If you'll like to hold a meetup with your friends or even a mini family outing, look no further! Enjoy a good bonding session with your loved ones and take home a special piece of artwork.


We offer group discounts for groups above 4 pax, feel free to drop us a message to find out more!

Canvas Art Jamming
Mini Art Jamming
Tote Bag Art Jamming
T-Shirt Art Jamming
Sneaker Art Jamming
Bear Painting Art Jamming
Fluid Bear Art
Textured Painting Art Jam
Trinket Box Decorating
Bear Decorating
Mega Bear Art Jamming
Group Canvas Painting
Art Jamming
Art Jam
Art Jamming
Art Jamming

Team Bonding/
Corporate Events

We provide both on site and external events, with a wide range of activities to choose for team bonding activities

Canvas Art Jamming
Tote Bag Art Jam
Tote Bag Art Jam
Birthday Party Art Jam
Tote Bag Art Jamming
T-Shirt Art Jamming
Tote Bag Art Jamming
Fluid Bear Art
Sneaker Art Jam

Some clients we have worked with:

NTUC Art Jam Event
Prudential Art Jamming Event
Mensa Art Jamming Event
Braze Art Jamming Event
One Zeuz Solutions Art Jamming Event
Mercury Art Jamming Event
Great Eastern Art Jamming Event
Action City Art Jamming Event
CDC Art Jamming Event
Zumvet Art Jamming Event
Singtel Art Jamming Event
Mindef Art Jamming Event
WSG Art Jamming Event
HPB Art Jamming Event
Sparkletots Art Jamming Event
Deloitte Art Jamming
Nets Art Jamming
ST Engineering Art Jamming
MSD Art Jamming
Start Learners Art Jamming


We provide art jamming activities for birthday parties of any ages, and you can choose to add on a themed decoration!

T-Shirt Art Jam
T-Shirt Art Jam
Birthday Party Art Jam
Birthday Party Art Jam
Canvas Art Jam
Birthday Party Art
Kids Canvas Art
Mega Fluid Bear Art
Birthday Party Art Jam
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