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Free and easy art jamming session, but choose from any mini medium to paint on! All acrylic painting materials provided. Come in to have a fun painting session with your family and friends, and enjoy refreshments inclusive.


Time: 1h

Materials provided:

- Choose from:

1. Pebble

2. Mini canvas (8x8cm)

3. Wood ornament (6cm)

4. CD

5. Canvas Pouch (12x20cm)

6. Mini bear/rabbit keychain (7cm)

- Apron

- Paintbrushes

- 15 Colours Acrylic Paints

- Bucket

Comes with free refreshments

Mini Art Jamming Session

  • We provide full refunds up to 2 days in advance to the date of booking. Otherwise do contact to change date!

  • Please select the "No delivery-Pickup" option at checkout so that you will not be required to fill up an address.

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